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Strada Episcop Melchisedec Ștefănescu 1

What is UVSAR?

The Association for Training in Emergency Situations – UVSAR Galati was established to address the issue of international cooperation between non-governmental organizations with the main objective of saving lives.

The role of the organisation is to build platforms, implement projects following the European model and create a non-governmental structure complementary to state institutions for emergency response, to respond both nationally and internationally.

UVSAR has an intervention technique in accordance with the standards in force, with individual equipment for 100 people and 3 intervention vehicles. The Association for Training in Emergency Situations – UVSAR Galati also trained over 3000 people in first aid and first response in emergency situations with the help of its partners Nilufer Arama Kurtarma and URSA Turkey.

UVSAR is a founding member of IDERN. The International Disaster Emergency Response Network (IDERN) currently has members from the European Union, Turkey and China, and by the end of 2024 will have 20 partner organisations with major disaster response capabilities.

IDERN’s aim is to provide emergency assistance in cooperation with IDERN members at any major international risk event and to establish relationships between NGOs whose mission is to save lives.

Local operational activity

UVSAR provides premedical first aid at major events in the Galati County. At the same time, upon request, UVSAR intervenes in search-and-rescue operations, being a stand-alone organisation with its own command.

International activity

With the start of the war in Ukraine, our association has operationalised 3 intervention teams, which in total by the end of 2022 have made 10 trips to Ukraine. The trips were of a humanitarian nature (medicines, medical supplies and clothes).

Staff training

In order to build specialized teams in as many areas of the emergency segment as possible, UVSAR implements partnerships to ensure continuous training of its staff. In 2022, all UVSAR staff were trained by MMI.

Persons trained in first aid

UVSAR has trained over 3000 people in first aid and disaster first response.

Persons assisted by UVSAR

Providing premedical first aid, social services, humanitarian campaigns and training sessions, UVSAR has supported over 10,000 beneficiaries.

Volunteers trained in search and rescue

Since its inception, UVSAR has trained over 600 volunteers in search and rescue, both through its instructors and through its partners.

Externally funded projects

Our association has implemented over 30 externally funded projects since its inception, the latest being to provide hot meals for Ukrainian refugees.

Support UVSAR’s work

Being a non-governmental organization and part of the non-profit sector, UVSAR (Association for Training in Emergency Situations – UVSAR Galati) is financially supported by sponsorships from individuals or companies, structural programs, first aid courses and funds from the 2% campaign.

If you would like to support UVSAR’s work through the 2% campaign, you can download form 230 by clicking on the following link. For economic operators you can contact us using

What does it mean to be a UVSAR volunteer?

I have been part of the UVSAR team for about 4 years. I chose volunteering at UVSAR because it gives you the opportunity to do what you’re passionate about, learning new ways to make you feel a bit like a hero. I realized in this team who I am and what I want!

Georgiana Scutaru

UVSAR Volunteer – PAPM Coordinator

I met new people in UVSAR, I took responsibility, and most importantly, I have fond memories of each action that passed and I completed it successfully. We have overcome all the challenges together and are becoming more united.

Andreea Bujor

UVSAR Volunteer – Public Relations Coordinator

We are at your disposal.

You can call us from Monday to Friday between 09:00 – 17:00 or contact us by email

In case of emergency, call 0336 914.

Attention! The UVSAR number 0336 914, is a dedicated emergency number.

Not to be confused with the single emergency number 112.

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Phone: +4 0336 401 480 / 0336 914