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Strada Episcop Melchisedec Ștefănescu 1

Security and social integration

eHelp is a high-performance telecare and telecare system that responds to medical emergencies, personal insecurity, loneliness or social isolation by providing anticipatory supervision, information, education, resources and support/support to address them. Among the missions of the eHelp service is the permanent support of vulnerable people in their daily life, promoting independence in the community and solidarity between generations which must become a priority in the concerns of our society.

The programme aims to remove isolation, institutionalisation and the inability to seek help, thus providing information on health education and coordination of care resources, facilitating increased length and quality of life among the population.

The main beneficiaries are pensioners and elderly people, single or isolated people, chronically ill people, home care patients, recently discharged people, people with disabilities, children or future mothers. The vulnerable person is given a device (mobile phone, landline, watch or bracelet) which they activate via the button to be assisted with any health or life-threatening issues.

The spirit of dispatching community care and monitoring services using mobile phones and a rapid response system of specialist dispatchers is prevention for people at socio-medical risk, support for the authorities, reduction of emergency response costs and safety for relatives knowing that their loved ones are continuously monitored by accredited medical staff with first aid skills.

eHelp acts in medical or personal safety emergencies. In the event of a fall, immobilisation or other incapacitation caused by a medical situation, eHelp responds promptly 24/7/365, providing medical monitoring, first response and immediate integration with emergency services provided by the public sector.

The system increases the length and quality of life, ensures independence and high mobility, preserves personal dignity and lowers health care costs.

It combats the inability to ask for help, provides information and access to dedicated medical or social services and offers the possibility to stay in one’s own home. A catalyst for intergenerational solidarity, eAjutor provides a permanent operational link between carers, home care providers, family doctors and other areas of interest.

Plague 20% of population elderly a Romania (65+) are need from care at home and only 0.23% benefit concrete from these services according to a recent study on improving safety care at home.”

After initiating the panic button, we initiate a personalised protocol according to the database and call the emergency services, relatives and family doctor at the same time.

In this way we monitor the emergency and post-emergency so that we increase the quality of the intervention while shortening the time.

The purpose of this application is to facilitate the management of socio-medical calls in a dispatch centre.

The application consists of 5 integrated modules that are combined into a main module used by the call centre and the eAjutor dispatcher.

We are at your disposal.

You can call us from Monday to Friday between 09:00 – 17:00 or contact us by email

In case of emergency, call 0336 914.

Attention! The UVSAR number 0336 914, is a dedicated emergency number.

Not to be confused with the single emergency number 112.

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Phone: +4 0336 401 480 / 0336 914